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Wednesday, May 5, 2010
10:55 PM

oh well again blog has been stagnant for QUITE some time....haha

Just went surfing net (instead of doing math) and realised that new meta might be coming out: x-saber...drillplant...sporeLL? HAHA. so many deck builds.

I personally like DrillPlant alot, cos i like trishula! x33 but too bad its so fuck exp.

And i guess it's time i change my deck build for my g.beast. -.- gonna need more anti-meta stuff, like solemn warning...and chain whirlwind (i am positive this card would help...)

Tomorrow is the highly-anticipated math test. I only want to get 27/40. should not be that hard ba...

And tomorrow tomorrow is lit test. sianz...

And next monday is physics test. Confidence of passing: 0% FML.


Until then, goodbye my fucking life.

Thanks for the memories.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010
9:57 PM

A big thank you to all those who celebrated my birthday, namely Dale, Ivan, Winston, Jin Hao [redempt] and herman [lan duo mu!!!]..really appreciated it!

Although the pastamania meal kinda sucked...

And winston lost money by koping my dish...zi own!

Sian la now...control monarch and control J&D might be seeing more play, cos the decklist quite imba...When will zombie synchro come back again? Can somebody come up with something like..

Control Zombies? Trishula Zombies?

Personally, i am trying out trishula zombie.

Anw, i found out that my luck with booster sucked...bought 2 DREVs but to no avail...T.T

Dont wanna talk about it..

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Sunday, April 25, 2010
8:33 PM

I have not blogged for very long.

Less and less into yugioh this week as I get more and more into dota. oh gosh...

And there are 3 exams this week. FML :(

IMHO, i think only need to study for one. so yea haha.

I finally cut my hair today! yay, my mama said my previous hairstyle resembled a helmet. Helmet? wtf.

And my bro got a near-to-bowlcut haircut. LOL.

Today as i opened my noob album, i stared at undead zombie skull....

And thought of synchroing it with carrier, dandy and treeborn frog. Is this a sane idea? I still dunno...

However, i guess it's still worth a try.

OMG, SD19 do has some cool reprints, thought it's unconfirmed...like Red eyes wyvern and legacy of yata? ^^

Finally, before i end off, tmr is my bday!!! yay

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010
10:44 PM

DREV! aka duelist revolution.

The whole list is almost up on yugioh wikia now...

And i scanned thru it...

And i am personally most satisfied with Chain Whirlwind. :D
functions as an icarus attack but susceptible to starlight road -.-


So if anyone sees this page,


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Tuesday, April 13, 2010
10:58 PM

thanks, but i wont let this blog die.

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Monday, April 12, 2010
10:47 PM

I hope i can fight gadgets again. Well neuxcharge made fighting gadgets sound easy...-.-

Maybe it's me who's stupid, so i wanna give it a try again!!! xD

And i am coming back with a wanghu, cold wave, giant trunade, heavy storm, mst, dust tornado. Grr...

Anyway i still havent duelled for damn long...haii

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010
9:07 PM

My Projects Competition preliminary round is over!! It was today btw...

FUCK! My internet explorer tio virus...so from today onwards i am using mozilla firefox/google chrome. I prefer firefox IMO..

Anyways, i am back to maple!!! ^^
playing an Aran and an Infighter at the same time. -.-

And i haven't duelled for very long...

I hope i can get back to duelling some time next week.

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